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A powerful web and mobile application that identifies food dishes from a given input image, and provides an ingredient list along with relevant recipes.
cooking computer-vision pytorch django
A comprehensive healthcare conversational agent powered by Visual QA and segmentation models.
question-answering health pytorch visual-question-answering
Project Insight is designed to create NLP as a service with code base for both front end GUI (streamlit) and backend server (FastAPI) the usage of ...
fastapi huggingface transformers pytorch
Gspread: Google Sheets API using Python
Complete guide on how to access/edit Google Sheets using Python. Detailed code examples and explanations of gspread library.
api python program-development article
Deploy Machine Learning Models with Django
This web service makes Machine Learning models available with REST API. It is different from most of the tutorials available on the internet.
django machine-learning api tutorial
Summarize a webapge
A Flask application that extracts and summarizes webpage using Natural Language Processing. Powered by nlp-akash.
text-summarization natural-language-processing api tutorial
FastAPI framework, high performance, easy to learn, fast to code, ready for production.
api fastapi library code
The Python micro framework for building web applications.
api flask library code
Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API
What formats should you accept? How should you authenticate? Should your API be versioned?
api naming-conventions endpoints endpoint-design
NSFW Image Classification REST API built with TensorFlow.JS
A ready-to-use & open-source NSFW Image Classification REST API built with TensorFlow.JS and NSFW.JS for effortless Content Moderation
open-source tensorflow-js nsfw node-js
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