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Using JAX to Improve Separable Image Filters
Optimizing the filters to improve the filtered images for computer vision tasks.
jax numpy computer-vision separable-filters
2019-nCov Novel Coronavirus Data analysis in Python
A demo on Google Colab, showing how to extract / aggregate / slice data, and basic time series / cross-sectional plotting.
covid-19 article code
Credit Card Fraud Prediction
In the banking domain, predicting credit card fraudulent activities is the key pressing issue, this article will explain how to identify fraud activities.
classification machine-learning visualization data-science
Market Basket Analysis using Data Science with R Programming
Domain: Inventory Management Problem Statement: As a new manager in the company, you are assigned the task of increasing cross selling
data-science r video article
Mixed Precision Training
Mixed precision Investigation in using 16-bit and 32-bit floating-point types in a model during training
mixed-precision training machine-learning tutorial
A Million of ML Predictions at the Tip of Your Fingers
Announcement - SashiDo is breaking the barrier to Machine Learning by introducing a fully open-sourced Content Moderation Service.
machine-learning open-source tensorflow nsfw
Perceptrons Explained
Play with several perceptron variants in browser, including noise-tolerant variants.
perceptrons noise-tolerance deep-dive article
Pytorch-Tensor Operations
Tensor-operations you can apply with PyTorch.
pytorch tensor-networks operations tutorial
Paper Explanation: Going deeper with Convolutions
Blog post about 'Going Deeper with Convolutions' with its implementation in Tensorflow.
deep-learning tensorflow tutorial article
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