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Ensemble Forecasts
Time series forecasting using classical methods (ETS, Holt-Winter's, SARIMA) and Prophet. I show and discuss advantages of Ensemble Forecast
time-series time-series-forecasting ensemble-forecast fbprophet
Gotchas of Transfer Learning for Image Classification
Discover the things you should care about while doing transfer learning for image classification.
transfer-learning computer-vision deep-learning tutorial
Exploratory Data Analysis of Time Series
Exploratory Data Analysis of Time Series data in Python. It uses lot of the principles and concepts discussed in Prof. Hyndman's book. The focus is on ...
time-series time-series-forecasting tutorial article
Awesome AI/ML/DL
Awesome Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning as we learn it. Study notes and a curated list of awesome resources of such topics.
deep-learning collection machine-learning artificial-general-intelligence
Albert-base for Sanskrit
Trained Albert-base from scratch on Sanskrit corpus of Wikipedia. I have also added a link to how to train your own Language model from scratch.
natural-language-processing bert huggingface albert
ARIMA Modeling - Guide to Time Series Forecasting in Python
How ARIMA models works . How to train and forecast using ARIMA, SARIMA, SARIMAX and find the optimal model with Python
arima box-jenkins time-series-forecasting time-series
Explaining the new self-supervised task for language representation learning, ELECTRA which uses "replace token detection".
natural-language-processing bert language-modeling generative-adversarial-networks
Machine Learning Basics with the K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm
The k-nearest neighbors (KNN) algorithm is a simple, easy-to-implement supervised machine learning algorithm for both classification and regression.
k-nearest-neighbors tutorial article
TensorWatch is a debugging and visualization tool designed for data science, deep learning and reinforcement learning from Microsoft Research. It works in ...
debugging monitoring visualization article
Gender Change of People's Face using CycleGAN
CycleGAN architecture in Keras and train the model with CelebA faces dataset to perform gender change on people's faces.
cyclegan keras celeba computer-vision
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