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How to Explain the Prediction of a Machine Learning Model?
Model interpretability, covering two aspects: (i) interpretable models w/ model-specific interpretation methods & (ii) approaches of explaining black-box ...
interpretability lime beta tutorial
Convolutional Neural Networks
A in-depth look at convolutional neural networks.
convolutional-neural-networks tutorial article
SQL for Data Analysis
A look at using SQL for properly dealing with mid-large sized datasets for data analysis.
sql databases tutorial article
Decision Trees
An overview of decision trees with an implementation in scikit-learn.
decision-trees random-forests scikit-learn decision-tree
Regularization in Machine Learning
This article will focus on a technique that helps in avoiding overfitting and also increasing model interpretability.
regularization linear-regression regression article
Logistic Regression
An overview of the concept and math behind logistic regression.
logistic-regression regression tutorial article
Linear Regression from Scratch in Python
We will explore linear regression and we will implement it using Python from scratch.
linear-regression regression tutorial article
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