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TensorFlow Recommenders
An open-source TensorFlow package that makes building, evaluating, and serving sophisticated recommender models easy.
recommendation-systems tensorflow article code
🚧 Simple considerations for simple people building fancy NNs
I will try to highlight a few steps of my mental process when it comes to building and debugging neural networks.
checklist training debugging recipe
Data Scientist Portfolio
Template to Create a charming Data Science Portfolio.
data-science portfolio github online
Numpy Tricks and A Strong Baseline for Vector Index
Tricks used to improve the index and query speed by 1.6x and 2.8x while keeping the memory footprint constant.
search vector-index numpy memmap
Simple Transformers: Transformers Made Easy
Simple Transformers removes complexity and lets you get down to what matters – model training and experimenting with the Transformer model architectures.
transformers huggingface simple-transformers text-classification
Self Supervised Learning Fastai Extension
Implementation of popular SOTA self-supervised learning algorithms as Fastai Callbacks.
self-supervised-learning pytorch fastai callbacks
Layered Neural Rendering for Retiming People in Video
Manipulating and editing the time in which different motions of individuals in the video occur.
retiming layered-neural-rendering video-processing computer-vision
What happens to developers in 2020?
Complete Data Science approach to analyze programmer and programming language trends.
data-science article code notebook
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