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Normalization Techniques for Training Very Deep Neural Networks
How can we efficiently train very deep neural network architectures? What are the best in-layer normalization options? Read on and find out.
normalization batch-normalization layer-normalization group-normalization
Credit Card Fraud Prediction
In the banking domain, predicting credit card fraudulent activities is the key pressing issue, this article will explain how to identify fraud activities.
classification machine-learning visualization data-science
Translate Text using Python
In this article we will discuss how to translate text with Google Translate API using Python.
program-development article tutorial
Get Domain Name Information using Python
In this article we will discuss how to get domain name information using Python.
web-services program-development article
Introducing Streamlit Sharing
Deploy, manage, and share your Streamlit apps for free.
deploy data-science article code
How to Structure and Manage NLP Projects
Some key pointers, guidelines, tips and tricks that can help you stay on top of things and keep your NLP projects (mostly) in check!
natural-language-processing natural-language-understanding machine-learning deep-learning
Sentiment Analysis in Python
We discuss the most popular NLP Sentiment Analysis packages, and compare the performance of each of them in a common dataset.
sentiment-analysis python machine-learning deep-learning
How to Serve ML Models with TensorFlow Serving and Docker
In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to serve ML models using Tensorflow Serving, an efficient, flexible, high-performance serving system for ML ...
machine-learning deep-learning tensorflow tensorflow-lite
Getting started with TorchServe + Management Dashboard
Learn Torchserve with examples + Introducing the management dashboard
model-serving torchserve pytorch streamlit
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