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Discovering Symbolic Models from Deep Learning w/ Inductive Bias
A general approach to distill symbolic representations of a learned deep model by introducing strong inductive biases.
symbolic-models inductive-bias graph-neural-networks graphs
How to create an NSFW Image Classification REST API
A ready-to-use & open-source NSFW Image Classification REST API built with TensorFlow.JS and NSFW.JS for effortless Content Moderation
machine-learning open-source tensorflow tensorflow-js
High-Resolution Image Inpainting
High-Resolution Image Inpainting with Iterative Confidence Feedback and Guided Upsampling.
inpainting high-resolution image-inpainting computer-vision
Generating cooking recipes using TensorFlow and LSTM RNN
This article contains details of how the recipes generation LSTM model was trained on Python using TensorFlow 2 with Keras API.
cooking tensorflow keras recurrent-neural-networks
Unsupervised Learning of Probably Symmetric Deformable 3D Objects
A method to learn 3D deformable object categories from raw single-view images, without external supervision.
3d 3d-objects 3d-reconstruction unsupervised-learning
SuperGlue: Learning Feature Matching with Graph Neural Networks
SuperGlue, a neural network that matches two sets of local features by jointly finding correspondences and rejecting non-matchable points.
graph-neural-networks superglue visual-localization image-matching
Book Depository Dataset
A large collection of books, scraped from
dataset article code demo
Image Classifier: In the Browser
Using Tensorflow.js to make the prediction directly in the browser.
tensorflow-js image-classification computer-vision article
Criticker Dataset
Yet another dataset about Movies, TV Shows and Games
dataset article code demo
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