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Machine Learning on Graphs: A Model and Comprehensive Taxonomy
We propose a simple framework (GraphEDM) and a comprehensive Taxonomy to review and unify several graph representation learning methods.
graph-neural-networks graph-convolutional-networks autoencoders graph-regularization
Unsupervised Toolbox
Unsupervised learning Tool box : A micro framework for State of the Art Methods and models for unsupervised learning for NLU / NLG
question-generation question-answering question-similarity autoencoders
AI for 3D Generative Design
Making the design process faster and more efficient by generating 3D objects from natural language descriptions.
natural-language-processing 3d variational-autoencoders computer-vision
Potential molecular solutions for COVID-19 using Graph VAEs
Efforts towards proposing a potentially highly active molecule against a target protein of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.
covid-19 medicine variational-autoencoders autoencoders
Deep Learning Do It Yourself
This site collects resources to learn Deep Learning in the form of Modules.
deep-learning pytorch python code
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