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MLOps Tutorial Series
How to create an automatic model training & testing setup using GitHub Actions and Continuous Machine Learning (CML).
ci-cd ml-ops production github-actions
GitHub Actions & Machine Learning Workflows with Hamel Husain
In this talk, Hamel will provide a brief tutorial on GitHub Actions, and will show you how you can use this new tool to automate your ML workflows.
github-actions machine-learning workflows video
Using GitHub Actions for MLOps & Data Science
A collection of resources on how to facilitate Machine Learning Ops with GitHub.
github ml-ops production github-actions
How to Set Up Continuous Integration for Machine Learning
How to Set Up Continuous Integration for Machine Learning with Github Actions and Neptune: Step by Step Guide.
ci-cd deep-learning experiment-tracking code
Machine Learning Pipelines for Kubeflow.
Kubeflow pipelines are reusable end-to-end ML workflows built using the Kubeflow Pipelines SDK.
kuberflow pipelines ci-cd production
BentoML is an open-source framework for high-performance ML model serving.
serving ci-cd bentoml production
Continuous Integration on TPUs with PyTorch Lightning
In preparation for our upcoming V1, we have taken a major step in our support for training on TPUs.
pytorch-lightning ci-cd tpu article
Python Template for All Projects
A template that gives the batteries required to package code, CI checks, auto build and deploy docs, easy PyPi publishing support and docker files.
python ci-cd docker code
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