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NeuralCook — Image2Ingredients and Cooking Recommendation
Deep learning application to identify ingredients from cooking dishes images and recommend dishes to cook, given a set of ingredients.
cooking text-generation recommendation-systems joint-embeddings
A deep generative model for dimensionality reduction and clustering.
dimensionality-reduction clustering autoencoders variational-autoencoders
A library for efficient similarity search and clustering of dense vectors.
similarity-search clustering embeddings library
Star Clustering
A clustering algorithm that automatically determines the number of clusters and works without hyperparameter fine-tuning.
clustering automl library code
Machine Learning for Humans, Part 3: Unsupervised Learning
Clustering and dimensionality reduction: k-means clustering, hierarchical clustering, principal component analysis (PCA), singular value decomposition ...
unsupervised-learning clustering dimensionality-reduction principal-component-analysis
Text preprocessing, representation and visualization from zero to hero.
text-processing natural-language-processing clustering texthero
Text Data Cleanup - Dynamic Embedding Visualisation
Identify noisy text in a Machine Translation dataset through dynamic text embedding visualisation.
visualization bokeh clustering natural-language-processing
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