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VirTex: Learning Visual Representations from Textual Annotations
We train CNN+Transformer from scratch from COCO, transfer the CNN to 6 downstream vision tasks, and exceed ImageNet features despite using 10x fewer ...
convolutional-neural-networks transformers coco visual-representations
AI Basketball Analysis
🏀 AI web app and API to analyze basketball shots and shooting pose.
pose-estimation sports basketball api
EfficientDet (PyTorch)
A PyTorch implementation of EfficientDet faithful to the original Google implementation with ported weights.
efficientdet pytorch object-detection pyramid-network Datasets
Collections of original and reduced datasets for popular data sources.
datasets natural-language-processing computer-vision imagenet
COCO Annotator
✏️ Web-based image segmentation tool for object detection, localization and key points.
coco object-detection action-localization annotation
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