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Distribution Based Compositionality Assessment (DBCA)
A method of systematically generating datasets with train and test splits diverging in a controllable and measurable way.
semantic-composition knowledge-base question-answering semantic-parsing
FermiNet: Quantum Physics and Chemistry from First Principles.
An implementation of the Fermionic Neural Network for ab-initio electronic structure calculations
quantum-physics chemistry ferminet protein-folding
In Domain GAN Inversion
This report explores a SOTA GAN Inversion technique proposed by the authors of In-Domain GAN Inversion.
generative-adversarial-networks gan-inversion image-manipulation image-interpolation
A 🤗 transformers-style implementation of BERT using LambdaNetworks instead of self-attention.
transformers bert lambdanetworks self-attention
Pokedex streamlit app
Web app form of the Pokedex device found in the pokemon cartoon series built and deployed with streamlit
streamlit convolutional-neural-networks deep-learning classification
Popular Similarity Measure Implementation In Python
Similarity measures have a wide variety of applications in the data science world. Learn the popular similarity measure along with python implementation.
recommendation-systems text-similarity similarity-search natural-language-processing
A tool that writes tricky TensorFlow expressions for you.
tensorflow tf-coder expressions library
A look at different types of human biases that can manifest in training data and how to identify and evaluate their effects.
fairness bias course notebook
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