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Show, Infer & Tell: Contextual Inference for Creative Captioning
The beauty of the work lies in the way it architects the fundamental idea that humans look at the overall image and then individual pieces of it.
image-captioning deep-learning recurrent-neural-networks attention
Comparison between YOLO and RCNN on real world videos
Bringing theory to experiment is cool. We can easily train models in colab and find the results in minutes.
yolo rcnn computer-vision tutorial
Easy street parking using region proposal networks
Get a text on your phone whenever a nearby parking spot you need is free.
computer-vision machine-learning pytorch python
Automatic Parking Management using computer vision
Detecting empty and parked spaces in car parking using a camera at lamp-post angle.
machine-learning computer-vision python parking-management
Implemented a Single Layer Perceptron and applied it on the MNIST dataset for multi-class classification using NumPy.
machine-learning image-classification computer-vision tutorial
Fastai2 Vision Module
A detailed guide to using fastai2 Datablock API for common computer vision tasks
fastai computer-vision tutorial
Gotchas of Transfer Learning for Image Classification
Discover the things you should care about while doing transfer learning for image classification.
transfer-learning computer-vision deep-learning toolkit
Unet Implementation is Keras with GPU
Vector Map generation from aerial imagery using deep learning GeoSpatial UNET
geospatial satellite uav computer-vision
Gender Change of People's Face using CycleGAN
CycleGAN architecture in Keras and train the model with CelebA faces dataset to perform gender change on people's faces.
cyclegan keras celeba computer-vision
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