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React and Django Image Classification Web Application
React and Django Image Classification Web Application using tensorflow used python django as a backend and react as a front end and used Axios to make http ...
image-classification django react tensorflow
Cross-Validation in Machine Learning: How to Do It Right
We go over in detail what cross-validation is, what CV techniques there are, and how to implement them. Plus, tips and best practices for when it gets ...
cross-validation metrics computer-vision article
Image Segmentation Using Keras and W&B
This report explores semantic segmentation with a UNET like architecture in Keras and interactively visualizes the model's prediction in Weights & Biases.
semantic-segmentation kera wandb visualization
A powerful web and mobile application that identifies food dishes from a given input image, and provides an ingredient list along with relevant recipes.
cooking computer-vision pytorch django
OpenMMLab Computer Vision
MMCV is a python library for CV research and supports many research projects such as object detection, segmentation, pose estimation, action ...
computer-vision object-detection 3d 3d-object-detection
NVIDIA PyTorch GAN library with distributed and mixed precision support.
generative-adversarial-networks image-to-image-translation nvidia imaginaire
A comprehensive healthcare conversational agent powered by Visual QA and segmentation models.
question-answering health pytorch visual-question-answering
GANs in Computer Vision Free Ebook / Article-series
This free ebook/article-series follows the chronological order of 20 peer-reviewed highly-cited papers as they presented in a series of 6 articles.
generative-adversarial-networks image-generation computer-vision paper
Introduction to 3D Medical Imaging: Preprocessing & Augmentations
Learn how to apply 3D transformations for medical image preprocessing and augmentation, to setup your awesome deep learning pipeline.
deep-learning machine-learning medical-imaging data-augmentation
Optimizing MobileDet for Mobile Deployments
Learn about the criticalities of effectively optimizing MobileDet object detectors for mobile deployments.
tensorflow-lite object-detection computer-vision edge-ai
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