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First Order Motion Model for Image Animation
Generating a video sequence so that an object in a source image is animated according to the motion of a driving video.
computer-vision motion image-animation animation
BachGAN: High-Res Image Synthesis from Salient Object Layout
We propose a new task towards more practical application for image generation - high-quality image synthesis from salient object layout.
generative-adversarial-networks salient-object-layout image-generation image-synthesis
EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection
Implementation EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection in PyTorch.
efficientdet computer-vision object-detection pytorch
Gymnast Pose Analysis
Pose modelling for gymnasts using open-pose and open-cv.
pose-estimation pose-tracking computer-vision open-cv
Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation
Segmentation of gliomas in pre-operative MRI scans. Use the provided clinically-acquired training data to produce segmentation labels.
u-net medical-imaging tumor-segmentation computer-vision
Unet Implementation is Keras with GPU
Vector Map generation from aerial imagery using deep learning GeoSpatial UNET
geospatial satellite uav computer-vision
Gliding Vertex on Horizontal Bounding Box for Object Detection
Gliding vertex on the horizontal bounding box for multi-oriented object detection.
multi-oriented-object aerial-image scene-text pedestrian-detection
Sign language to text with OpenCV and MNIST sign-language dataset
sign-language computer-vision opencv tutorial
SiamFC++: Towards Robust and Accurate Visual Tracking
Implementation of a series of basic algorithms which is useful for video understanding, including Single Object Tracking (SOT), Video Object Segmentation ...
video pytorch computer-vision code
PCDet: 3D Point Cloud Detection
PCDet Toolbox in PyTorch for 3D Object Detection from Point Cloud
computer-vision point-cloud-generation pytorch object-detection
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