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Facial Points Detection in Javascript
Implementation of Facial Points detection in Javascript using OpenCVJs and TensorflowJs
tensorflow-js javascript convolutional-neural-networks facial-points-detection
Convolutional Neural Networks
A in-depth look at convolutional neural networks.
convolutional-neural-networks tutorial article
PCDet: 3D Point Cloud Detection
PCDet Toolbox in PyTorch for 3D Object Detection from Point Cloud
computer-vision point-cloud-generation pytorch object-detection
Dupre provides an easy-to-use UI that simplifies the task of finding exact and near- duplicates in an image.
deep-learning convolutional-neural-networks tensorflow duplicate-detection
Anchor Boxes with KMeans
Initial anchor boxes estimation using kmeans clustering for Faster-RCNN.
faster-rcnn tensorflow kmeans clustering
Fruit Detection using Convolution Neural Networks in TensorFlow
Trained a Convolutional Neural Network Model to predict fruits of over 100+ Classes (types) with a training accuracy of over 95%, and testing accuracy of ...
deep-learning tensorflow keras convolutional-neural-networks
A PyTorch Implementation of "Watch Your Step: Learning Node Embeddings via Graph Attention" (NeurIPS 2018).
node-classification graph-convolutional-networks graph-classification convolutional-neural-networks
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