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Object Detection for Dummies
We will go through several basic concepts, algorithms, and popular deep learning models for image processing and object detection.
object-detection image-processing convolutional-neural-networks yolo
PyTorch CNN Trainer
A simple package to fine-tune CNNs from torchvision and Pytorch Image models by Ross Wightman.
torchvision convolutional-neural-networks pytorch training
C++ Implementation of PyTorch Tutorials for Everyone
This repository provides tutorial code in C++ to learn PyTorch by building CNNs, RNNs, etc. Tutorials are divided into three sections based on complexity.
pytorch c++ torch torchscript
CNNs from Scratch with NumPy
This is an attempt at implementing a Convolutional Neural Network using only Python and Numpy.
convolutional-neural-networks from-scratch lenet5 numpy
Deep Learning for Videos: A 2018 Guide to Action Recognition
In this post, I summarize the literature on action recognition from videos.
action-recognition video video-classification temporal-cnn
Machine Learning Tutorials
Creating organized tutorials for some of the machine learning concepts.
neural-networks convolutional-neural-networks logistic-regression linear-regression
Tensorflow to PyTorch
This repo contains the TensorFlow tutorials converted to PyTorch code.
convolutional-neural-networks pytorch data-augmentation pretraining
NSFW Image Classification REST API built with TensorFlow.JS
A ready-to-use & open-source NSFW Image Classification REST API built with TensorFlow.JS and NSFW.JS for effortless Content Moderation
open-source tensorflow-js nsfw node-js
Classify photos in 600 classes using nine million Open Images
If you’re looking build an image classifier but need training data, look no further than Google Open Images.
convolutional-neural-networks keras dataset article
Real Time Object Detection using CNN YOLO
This project is done on real time object detection using a deep learning object detection algorithm i.e., YOLO.
computer-vision object-detection yolov3 deep-learning
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