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Face Mask Detector
A simple Streamlit frontend for face mask detection in images using a pre-trained Keras CNN model + OpenCV and model interpretability.
object-detection streamlit opencv keras
Convoluted Stuff
Optimising compilers, and how thousand-year-old math shaped deep learning.
matrix-multiplication convolutional-neural-networks jax im2col
Implementing a variety of popular and important CNN architectures
convolutional-neural-networks tensorflow computer-vision deep-learning
Meme Classifier Using TFlite and flutter
Meme classifier using fine tuned mobilenet. This app showcases how you can perform low latency realtime classification apps using TFlite
convolutional-neural-networks transfer-learning tensorflow-lite demo
How to Derive Convolution From First Principles
I derive the convolution from first principles and show that it naturally emerges from translational symmetry.
convolutional-neural-networks article
Change Detection using Siamese networks
The blog is a primer on Siamese Networks and how they're used for observing change in satellite images over time, or observing facial changes as people age
deep-learning computer-vision convolutional-neural-networks siamese-networks
ECG arrhythmia classification using a convolutional neural net
This is an implementation of the paper on ECG arrhythmia classification
deep-learning computer-vision health healthcare
NSFW Image Moderation Admin App with ReactJS
The final piece of our ready-to-use & open-source NSFW Image Moderation Solution built with Node.JS, TensorFlow and React.JS for effortless Content ...
open-source adversarial-image-detection image-classification nsfw
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