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Machine Learning Tutorials
Creating organized tutorials for some of the machine learning concepts.
neural-networks convolutional-neural-networks logistic-regression linear-regression
A 2020 review of Handwritten Character Recognition
Concept of handwritten text recognition, relevant use-cases, different neural network architectures involved in achieving the results, training your own ...
optical-character-recognition computer-vision natural-language-processing article
How Batch Normalization Works
The article covers how Batch Normalization works and how it "normalizes" different input distributions to make gradient propagation easier.
batch-normalization batchnorm convolutional-neural-networks article
Image Caption Generation
Image Caption Generation is a challenging task where a textual description is generated given a picture. It needs both methods from Computer Vision and ...
image-captioning natural-language-processing computer-vision pytorch
Tensorflow2 Object Detection Tutorial
In this tutorial, we will be going step by step the complete training process of Tensorflow2 Object Detection.
object-detection computer-vision tensorflow tensorflow-lite
Tensorflow to PyTorch
This repo contains the TensorFlow tutorials converted to PyTorch code.
convolutional-neural-networks pytorch data-augmentation pretraining
SpineNet: A Novel Architecture for Object Detection
A meta architecture called a scale-permuted model that enables two major improvements on backbone architecture design,iscovered with neural architecture ...
object-detection neural-architecture-search spinenet cvpr-2020
Classify photos in 600 classes using nine million Open Images
If you’re looking build an image classifier but need training data, look no further than Google Open Images.
convolutional-neural-networks dataset article code
Real Time Object Detection using CNN YOLO
This project is done on real time object detection using a deep learning object detection algorithm i.e., YOLO.
computer-vision object-detection yolov3 deep-learning
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