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Pokedex streamlit app
Web app form of the Pokedex device found in the pokemon cartoon series built and deployed with streamlit
streamlit convolutional-neural-networks deep-learning classification
Detected malware files in real-time by converting the incoming packets into images and feeding them into a CNN.
security malware-detection convolutional-neural-networks computer-vision
My annotated papers
This repo contains annotated research papers and code implementation for some
generative-adversarial-networks deep-learning learning-rates machine-learning
Understanding the receptive field of deep convolutional networks
An intuitive guide on why it is important to inspect the receptive field, as well as how the receptive field affect the design choices of deep ...
convolutional-neural-networks deep-learning machine-learning article
Interact with PyTorch layers using Jupyter Widgets
Build your understanding of PyTorch's ConvTranspose1d layer using interactive visualisations
convolutional-neural-networks padding stride interactive
GP-GAN: Towards Realistic High-Resolution Image Blending
Blending composite images using a generative model and a Gaussian-Poisson equation with a Laplacian Pyramid
generative-adversarial-networks convolutional-neural-networks deep-learning laplacian-pyramid
Antialiased CNNs
Making Convolutional Networks Shift-Invariant Again.
convolutional-neural-networks shift-invariant paper video
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