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Beginner’s Guide to Linear Regression with cuML
Break down of simple & multiple linear regression and how to easily implement both in Python with RAPIDS AI’s cuML
linear-regression data-science python rapids
Beginner’s Guide to Logistic Regression with cuML
What is Logistic Regression? And how to implement it in Python with RAPIDS cuML
data-science machine-learning logistic-regression rapids
Beginner’s Guide to KNN with cuML
What is K-Nearest Neighbors? And how to implement it in Python with RAPIDS cuML.
data-science k-nearest-neighbors rapids gpu
Target Encoding with RAPIDS cuML: Do More with Categorical Data
Walk through the design of target encoding with RAPIDS cuML.
rapids cuml categorical-data encoder
From Hours to Seconds: 100x Faster Boosting, Bagging, & Stacking
100x Faster Boosting, Bagging, and Stacking with RAPIDS cuML and Scikit-learn Machine Learning Model Ensembling.
rapids cuml scikit-learn emsembling
CuML - GPU Machine Learning Algorithms
CuML is a suite of libraries that implement ML algorithms and mathematical primitives functions that share compatible APIs with other RAPIDS projects.
rapidsai cuml nvidia code
Fast Support Vector Classification with RAPIDS cuML
In this post, we will discuss how you can use the SVM package in RAPIDS cuML to perform fast support vector classification on a GPU.
support-vector-machines rapidsai nvidia cuml
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