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Synthesizing High-Resolution Images with StyleGAN2
Developed by NVIDIA Researchers, StyleGAN2 yields state-of-the-art results in data-driven unconditional generative image modeling.
generative-adversarial-networks stylegan stylegan2 nvidia
STEFANN: Scene Text Editor using Font Adaptive Neural Network
A generalized method for realistic modification of textual content present in a scene image. ⭐️ Accepted in CVPR 2020.
scene-image scene-text-editor font-adaptive font-generation
Image synthesis at CVPR 2020
An overview of the different approaches to image synthesis at CVPR 2020.
image-generation image-synthesis cvpr-2020 survey
CVPR 2020: A Snapshot
A snapshot of the conference by summarizing some papers (& listing some) that grabbed my attention.
computer-vision cvpr-2020 conference research
RepNet - Class Agnostic Video Repetition Counting in the Wild
Counting Out Time: Class Agnostic Video Repetition Counting in the Wild
action-recognition repnet repition-counting deepmind
SpineNet: A Novel Architecture for Object Detection
A meta architecture called a scale-permuted model that enables two major improvements on backbone architecture design,iscovered with neural architecture ...
object-detection neural-architecture-search spinenet cvpr-2020
Timecraft: Synthesizing Time Lapse Videos of Paintings
A learning-based method for synthesizing time lapse videos of paintings.
paintings time-lapse tensorflow keras
VPSNet for Video Panoptic Segmentation
Video panoptic segmentation by generating consistent panoptic segmentation as well as an association of instance ids across video frames.
video-segmentation video-semantic-segmentation video-processing computer-vision
A U-Net Based Discriminator for Generative Adversarial Networks
U-Net based architecture allows to provide detailed per-pixel feedback to the generator while maintaining the global coherence of synthesized images.
generative-adversarial-networks unet discriminator cvpr-2020
PIFuHD: High-Resolution 3D Human Digitization
This repository contains a pytorch implementation of "Multi-Level Pixel-Aligned Implicit Function for High-Resolution 3D Human Digitization".
human-digitization 3d pifudh cvpr-2020
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