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Encrypt and Decrypt Files using Python
Introduction to file encryption and decryption using Python. Detailed code examples with explanations and use of cryptography library.
python program-development security cyber-security
Neural Encryption Networks
I used a multiple autoencoders to effectively encode and encrypt text data. These provide encryption for user defined bits. As proof of concept 8 and 9 ...
deep-learning neural-cryptography machine-learning cyber-security
Driver Identification Based on Vehicle's telematics data
In this paper, we proposed a deep learning model, which can identify drivers from their driving behaviors based on vehicle telematics data.
lstm autonomous-vehicles cyber-security machine-learning
Network Traffic Classification Using Time Related Features
Classification of different types of network traffic according to their types.
machine-learning cyber-security python code
CyBERT: Applying BERT to Windows event logs
This blog shows how interpreting cybersecurity logs as a natural language, improving upon the standard regex-based parsing of log data.
cyber-security logs bert cybert
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