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2020 Machine Learning Roadmap
A beginner mind map (and presentation) connecting many of the most foundational concepts in machine learning.
machine-learning data-science introduction beginner
Curated papers & articles on DS & ML in production
Learn how organizations & business solved machine learning problems, including problem statement, research, methodology, and results.
data-science machine-learning production paper
Chai Time Data Science
Interviews with popular data science individuals.
podcast machine-learning data-science kaggle
How to write an Awesome README
A comprehensive guide to writing README that stands out and makes people go WOW!
data-science program-development documentation machine-learning
WExDA - Web-based Data Exploration Tool
WExDA is a web-based data exploration tool made with streamlit. It can be used for Exploratory Data Analysis.
visualization data-science exploratory-data-analysis streamlit
Introducing Streamlit Sharing
Deploy, manage, and share your Streamlit apps for free.
deploy data-science article code
Data Scientist Portfolio
Template to Create a charming Data Science Portfolio.
data-science portfolio github online
Real Python Recommendation Engine
A full stack data science project that performs document similarity on content. Content recommendations are implemented via a Chrome ...
full-stack natural-language-processing data-science fastapi
Scikit-learn Advanced Features | Data Science
It demonstrates some useful scikit-learn concepts in transforming features, pipelining, grid search, and much more.
machine-learning scikit-learn data-science feature-engineering
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