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Pokedex streamlit app
Web app form of the Pokedex device found in the pokemon cartoon series built and deployed with streamlit
streamlit convolutional-neural-networks deep-learning classification
How to Deploy your ML models as Telegram Bots
In this project, I trained a Model to detect mask on people's face and made it available on both Android and IOS through a Telegram Bot. It's deployed on ...
deep-learning fastai telegram-bot heroku
How to Extract Structured Data from Documents - Complete Tutorial
In this project we learn how to build AI methods for information extraction from documents to comprehensively beat traditional OCR
optical-character-recognition information-extraction computer-vision natural-language-processing
The PyTorch-based audio source separation toolkit for researchers || Pretrained models available.
speech-separation pytorch pretraining speech
Car Selling Prize Prediction
It is an End to End Machine Learning Project which is deployed on Heroku.
python machine-learning random-forests decision-tree
A powerful web and mobile application that identifies food dishes from a given input image, and provides an ingredient list along with relevant recipes.
cooking computer-vision pytorch django
Image Dehazing using GMAN net
Single image dehazing using the GMAN network and its implementation in Tensorflow(version 2+).
deep-learning tensorflow dehazing code
Silero Models: pre-trained enterprise-grade STT models
Silero Speech-To-Text models provide enterprise grade STT in a compact form-factor for several commonly spoken languages.
speech-recognition pytorch tensorflow onnx
Beginner’s Guide to Linear Regression with cuML
Break down of simple & multiple linear regression and how to easily implement both in Python with RAPIDS AI’s cuML
linear-regression data-science python rapids
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