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Quick Draw Sketches Classification using PyTorch
Alternative project to overused MNIST dataset with similar objective and data set. The Quick Draw Dataset is a collection of 50 million drawings in 28x28 ...
image-classification convolutional-neural-networks feed-forward-neural-networks deep-learning
Handling the missing values in Data: The Easy Way
Most of the Machine Learning Algorithms cannot work with missing values in the features. Let's see the possible options we have to deal with it.
missing-data scikit-learn article dataset
Cancer Diagnosis using ML Techniques
In this project we will be discussing how to predict the effect of Genetic Variants to enable Personalized Medicine for various types of cancer using ML ...
machine-learning cancer support-vector-machines logistic-regression
Classify Song Genres from Audio Data
My first machine learning project has been uploaded on GitHub. I started simple with a supervised learning to classify Rock and HipHop songs
audio-classification music exploratory-data-analysis audio
Understanding & Implementing SimCLR - an ELI5 guide
I explain the SimCLR and its contrastive loss function step by step, build image embeddings and then show how to use them to train image classifier on top.
deep-learning computer-vision pytorch self-supervised-learning
Quora Question Pair Similarity
Identify which questions asked on Quora are duplicates of questions that have already been asked. Using Text features, classifying them as duplicates or ...
text-classification machine-learning python natural-language-processing
Arabic Font Classification
Tackling the visual font recognition problem for Arabic fonts by synthesizing data and addressing domain mismatch challenges.
visual-font-recognition domain-adaptation dataset code
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