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DeepMind x UCL | Intro to Machine Learning & AI
In this lecture series, research scientists from leading AI research lab, DeepMind, deliver 12 lectures on an exciting selection of topics in Deep ...
machine-learning course video deepmind
RepNet - Class Agnostic Video Repetition Counting in the Wild
Counting Out Time: Class Agnostic Video Repetition Counting in the Wild
action-recognition repnet repition-counting deepmind
FermiNet: Quantum Physics and Chemistry from First Principles.
An implementation of the Fermionic Neural Network for ab-initio electronic structure calculations
quantum-physics chemistry ferminet protein-folding
AlphaZero using DeepMind OpenSpiel
Implementation of AlphaZero for the DeepMind OpenSpiel repository.
alphazero rl deepmind openspiel
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