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Experimental Exploratory Data Analysis for a Classification Task
Expand the traditional EDA in a wider pipeline looking for the impact of each action into the behaviour of models. Exploratory Data & Models Analysis
exploratory-data-analysis classification machine-learning logistic-regression
Getting started with large-scale ETL jobs using Dask and AWS EMR
EMR is AWS’s distributed data platform, which we can interact with and submit jobs to from a JupyterLab notebook running on our local machine.
exploratory-data-analysis dask aws notebook
Getting Oriented in the RAPIDS Distributed ML Ecosystem, ETL
This blog post, the first of two exploring this emerging ecosystem, is an introduction to distributed ETL using the dask, cudf, and dask_cudf APIs.
exploratory-data-analysis gpu rapids article
WExDA - Web-based Data Exploration Tool
WExDA is a web-based data exploration tool made with streamlit. It can be used for Exploratory Data Analysis.
visualization data-science exploratory-data-analysis streamlit
New layout options for Streamlit
Introducing new layout primitives - including columns, containers and expanders!
streamlit exploratory-data-analysis visualization article
Classify Song Genres from Audio Data
My first machine learning project has been uploaded on GitHub. I started simple with a supervised learning to classify Rock and HipHop songs
audio-classification music exploratory-data-analysis audio
Diabetes Classifier
The machine learning model uses DecisionTree classifier to predict whether a person is diabetic or not
decision-trees machine-learning exploratory-data-analysis data-science
Flight Fare Prediction
Predicting Flight Fare based on departure and arrival cities, number of stops, duration of the flight.
machine-learning exploratory-data-analysis random-forests matplotlib
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