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How to Deploy your ML models as Telegram Bots
In this project, I trained a Model to detect mask on people's face and made it available on both Android and IOS through a Telegram Bot. It's deployed on ...
deep-learning fastai telegram-bot heroku
Self Supervised Learning Fastai Extension
Implementation of popular SOTA self-supervised learning algorithms as Fastai Callbacks.
self-supervised-learning pytorch fastai callbacks
Different deep learning architectures definitions that can be applied to image segmentation.
semantic-segmentation instance-segmentation salient-object-detection segmentation
Time Series Classification Using Deep Learning
In this article, I will introduce you to a new package called timeseries for fastai2 that I lately developed.
time-series fastai tutorial article
How to make your network smaller and faster with the use of fastai library.
model-compression fastai knowledge-distillation sparsifying
FastHugs: Sequence Classification with Transformers and Fastai
Fine-tune a text classification model with HuggingFace 🤗 transformers and fastai-v2.
transformers fastai huggingface sequence-classification
Introduction to NLP using Fastai
Implementing and decoding the revolutionary ULMFiT approach to train a language model on any downstream NLP task.
natural-language-processing fastai ulmfit sentiment-analysis
An easy to use blogging platform, with enhanced support for Jupyter Notebooks.
fastpages github-actions fastai blogging
Electra_pytorch: ELECTRA in PyTorch (fastai + huggingface)
Unofficial reimplementation of <ELECTRA: Pre-training Text Encoders as Discriminators Rather Than Generators>
natural-language-processing pretraining deep-learning fastai
Hugdatafast: huggingface/nlp + fastai
The elegant integration of huggingface/nlp and fastai2 and handy transforms using pure huggingface/nlp
natural-language-processing dataset fastai huggingface
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