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2nd Place Solution to Ship Identification Hackathon
The problem statement was to identify the type of ship from photos taken from the survey boats. The hackathon was organized by Analytics Vidhya.
computer-vision image-classification fastai pytorch
Identifying Brain Tumor from MRI images using FastAI -DynamicUnet
To use FASTAI unet learner to identify tumours from MRI of Brain, logging loss metrics in Neptune AI logger and compare the results after hyperparameter ...
fastai image-segmentation pytorch deep-learning
Genomic ULMFiT
ULMFiT for Genomic Sequence Data
genomics ulmfit language-modeling pytorch
Plant Disease Detection Web Application
Detection of disease in plant leaves using fastai library
fastai flask web-design deep-learning
Plant Fruit Classifier
Building a world-class image classifier model with a custom dataset.
computer-vision fastai image-collection tutorial
Deep Learning based parking management system using Fastai
Fastai provides easy to use wrappers to quickly build powerful systems. One could transfer learn a CNN in minutes and tie it to existing system.
parking-management deep-learning fastai tutorial
DogandCatBreed Classifier
Model can to learn to differentiate between these 37 distinct categories
pytorch fastai article code
Fastai2 Vision Module
A detailed guide to using fastai2 Datablock API for common computer vision tasks
fastai computer-vision tutorial article
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