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Neural Additive Models: Interpretable ML with Neural Nets
Neural Additive Models (NAMs) which combine some of the expressivity of DNNs with the inherent intelligibility of generalized additive models.
neural-additive-models interpretability feed-forward-neural-networks additive-models
FIFA-19 analysis and prediction
Data visualisation and prediction of the overall score of a player using various linear regression algorithms, ensembling algorithms, and a neural network.
regression feed-forward-neural-networks feature-selection tutorial
TF callbacks in action
This article consist, about how to use Tenserflow callbacks. I've covered some really important Tensorflow callbacks guides.
feed-forward-neural-networks tensorflow keras deep-learning
Understanding the Backpropagation Algorithm(101)
Starting from neural networks, I've tried to explain Back-Propagation Algorithim with an example.
deep-learning feed-forward-neural-networks neural-networks tutorial
Deep Learning with Fashion MNIST dataset using Keras
The project is a basic project where a sequential artificial neural network has been created to solve the famous Fashion MNIST dataset.
deep-learning feed-forward-neural-networks keras tensorflow
ML-Neural Networks
Designing an Artificial Neural Network for Multi-class classification of MNIST data using NumPy.
backpropagation feed-forward-neural-networks tutorial code
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