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COVID-Q: A Dataset of 1,690 Questions about COVID-19
This dataset consists of COVID-19 questions which have been annotated into a broad category (e.g. Transmission, Prevention) and a more specific class such ...
covid-19 question-answering dataset covid-q
A Barebones Image Retrieval System
This project presents a simple framework to retrieve images similar to a query image.
computer-vision few-shot-learning representation-learning tensorflow
Self-Supervised Prototypical Transfer Learning
Advancing state-of-the-art unsupervised few-shot learning up to supervised performance.
self-supervised-learning few-shot-learning code paper
Meta-learning for Few-shot Natural Language Processing: A Survey
Clear definitions, progress summary and some common datasets of applying meta-learning to few-shot NLP.
meta-learning few-shot-learning natural-language-processing survey
Some State-of-the-Art few shot learning algorithms in tensorflow 2.
few-shot-learning keras tensorflow library
Generalized Zero & Few-Shot Transfer for Facial Forgery Detection
Deep Distribution Transfer (DDT), a new transfer learning approach to address the problem of zero and few-shot transfer in the context of facial forgery.
zero-shot-learning few-shot-learning facial-forgery-detection fraud-detection
Few-shot text-to-speech exploiting attention-based variable length embedding
text-to-speech-synthesis tts text-to-speech few-shot-learning
A collection of extensions and data-loaders for few-shot learning & meta-learning in PyTorch
meta-learning few-shot-learning zero-shot-learning pytorch
Advances in Few-Shot Learning: A Guided Tour
A deep dive into matching networks, prototypical networks and model-agnostic meta-learning.
few-shot-learning meta-learning tutorial article
Pattern-Exploiting Training (PET)
This repository contains the code for "Exploiting Cloze Questions for Few-Shot Text Classification and Natural Language Inference"
few-shot-learning text-classification natural-language-processing cloze-questions
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