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Building AI Trading Systems
Lessons learned building a profitable algorithmic trading system using Reinforcement Learning techniques.
trading finance machine-learning algorithmic-trading
Differential Machine Learning
Extends supervised learning, with models trained on examples of not only inputs and labels, but also differentials of labels to inputs.
differential-machine-learning finance risk-management tutorial
Predicting Credit Card Approvals
Project provided by DataCamp. Automating reviews for credit card applications
finance banking research code
Extract Stock Sentiment from News Headlines
In this project, you will generate investing insight by applying sentiment analysis on financial news headlines from Finviz.
sentiment-analysis natural-language-processing finance code
Which Debts Are Worth the Bank's Effort?
Play bank data scientist and use regression discontinuity to see which debts are worth collecting.
finance banking machine-learning data-summarization
Forex Prediction
Using neural networks to predict movement of forex direction.
forex deep-learning machine-learning natural-language-processing
Anomaly Detection with Autoencoder in TensorFlow 2.0
How to implement a Deep Neural Network Model for Anomaly Detection in TensorFlow 2.0.
anomaly-detection autoencoders fraud-detection finance
Automobile Sales Pipeline Forecast
To plan the marketing spends and target meet monthly, sales pipeline forecast using machine learning model at line of business level.
xgboost random-forests hyperparameter-optimization automobile
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