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Creating an End-to-End Machine Learning Application
A complete, end-to-end ML application, implemented in both TensorFlow 2.0 and PyTorch.
api tensorflow python production
Simple Python API for ML project
A simple script to create machine learning API in python.
api machine-learning python flask
FastAPI for Flask Users
A comprehensive guide to FastAPI with a side-by-side code comparison with Flask
fastapi flask api article
Kick Assist
An Interactive Dashboard enabling users to make data-driven decisions about their Kickstarter campaign to maximize the probability for successful funding
data-science interpretability scraping xgboost
Flask Mega-Tutorial series
A comprehensive tutorial on Flask to create a complete app.
flask full-stack sql sqlalchemy
Fast Api with Dockerization of your ML Models
In this GitHub repo you can able to know and learn how to build a fast API for testing your ML model and can test your ML model with UI and to Dockerize ...
docker fastapi flask code
Using Data Science Pipelines for Disaster Response
Uses ETL and ML pipeline to build an NLP system for classification of messages into appropriate disaster categories
natural-disasters data-science flask etl
Built a personalized recommender web app using Yelp dataset of restaurants using Hybrid Matrix factorization model.
recommendation-systems flask angular python
Movie Recommendation System
This is a web app which recommends movies based on their plots found on IMDb.
python recommendation-systems natural-language-processing flask
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