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Which GPU(s) to Get for Deep Learning
My Experience and Advice for Using GPUs in Deep Learning.
gpu hardware tutorial article
TTT: Fine-tuning Transformers with TPUs or GPUs acceleration
TTT is short for a package for fine-tuning 🤗 Transformers with TPUs, written in Tensorflow2.0+.
natural-language-processing transformers tensorflow-tpus code
Configuring Google Colab Like A Pro
How to Do Research Quality Machine Learning on a Budget.
colab jupyter notebook gpu
Fast Block Sparse Matrices for Pytorch
Enables networks which are both smaller and faster to let anybody use neural networks in production at low cost, and to improve the experience for the end ...
sparsity pytorch gpu efficiency
Boost your Colab Notebooks with GCP and AWS Instances
How to upgrade your Colab with Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Service Instance as a backend.
colab google-cloud-platform aws gcp
Getting Oriented in the RAPIDS Distributed ML Ecosystem, ETL
This blog post, the first of two exploring this emerging ecosystem, is an introduction to distributed ETL using the dask, cudf, and dask_cudf APIs.
exploratory-data-analysis gpu rapids article
TOMA: Torch Memory-adaptive Algorithms
Helps you write algorithms in PyTorch that adapt to the available (CUDA) memory.
training cuda lstm gpu
Beginner’s Guide to KNN with cuML
What is K-Nearest Neighbors? And how to implement it in Python with RAPIDS cuML.
data-science k-nearest-neighbors rapids gpu
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