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Graph Representation Learning Book
Introduction to graph representation learning, including methods for embedding graph data, graph neural networks, and deep generative models of graphs.
graph-representation-learning graph-neural-networks knowledge-graphs book
Latent graph neural networks: Manifold learning 2.0?
Parallels between recent works on latent graph learning and older techniques of manifold learning.
graph-neural-networks graph-representation-learning representation-learning manifold
Graph Nets
PyTorch Implementation and Explanation of Graph Representation Learning papers involving DeepWalk, GCN, GraphSAGE, ChebNet & GAT.
graph-convolutional-networks deep-learning graph-neural-networks graphs
Geometric and Relational Deep Learning
Videos from emerging fields of Graph Representation Learning and Geometric Deep Learning.
graph-neural-networks graph-convolutional-networks grdl-2020 graphs
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