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How to Deploy your ML models as Telegram Bots
In this project, I trained a Model to detect mask on people's face and made it available on both Android and IOS through a Telegram Bot. It's deployed on ...
deep-learning fastai telegram-bot heroku
Collection of models and extensions for mobile deployment in PyTorch, built on top of TorchVision and HuggingFace's Transformers.
mobile pytorch torchscript onnx
Deploy streamlit app in Heroku
Base project, with mandatory files and folders for deploying streamlit apps in Heroku
streamlit machine-learning ci-cd code
Movie Recommendation System
This is a web app which recommends movies based on their plots found on IMDb.
python recommendation-systems natural-language-processing flask
Deploying FastAPI app to Heroku
A detailed walkthrough on Creating a simple FastAPI app and deploying it to Heroku.
fastapi python heroku devops
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