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Top Down Introduction to BERT with HuggingFace and PyTorch
I will also provide some intuition into how BERT works with a top down approach (applications to algorithm).
bert top-down huggingface pytorch
Transformers - Hugging Face
🤗 Transformers: State-of-the-art Natural Language Processing for TensorFlow 2.0 and PyTorch.
transformers huggingface attention bert
Tweet Generation with Huggingface.
text-generation huggingface transformers wandb
Accelerate your NLP pipelines using Hugging Face and ONNX
How the ONNX Runtime team and Hugging Face are working together to address challenges in training and deployment of Transformer models.
natural-language-processing huggingface onnx tutorial
FastHugs: Sequence Classification with Transformers and Fastai
Fine-tune a text classification model with HuggingFace 🤗 transformers and fastai-v2.
transformers fastai huggingface sequence-classification
Deploying Huggingface‘s BERT to production with Torch Serve
Torch Serve is a new awesome framework to serve torch models in production. This story teaches you how to use it for Huggingface/transformers models like ...
torch-serve pytorch production bert
How to Train a New Language Model From Scratch Using Transformers
In this post we’ll demo how to train a “small” model (84 M parameters = 6 layers, 768 hidden size, 12 attention heads).
language-modeling transformers tokenizers huggingface
The Annotated GPT-2
GPT-2 explained with visualization and PyTorch code.
attention gpt2 transformers huggingface
HuggingFace nlp library
Nlp is a lightweight and extensible library to easily share and load dataset and evaluation metrics, already providing access to ~100 datasets and ~10 ...
datasets metrics natural-language-processing huggingface
An Introduction to Transfer Learning and HuggingFace
In this talk I'll start by introducing the recent breakthroughs in NLP that resulted from the combination of Transfer Learning schemes and Transformer ...
transfer-learning transformers huggingface video
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