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How to Train Your Neural Net
Deep learning for various tasks in the domains of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Forecasting using PyTorch 1.0+.
pytorch python deep-learning computer-vision
Look inside the workings of "Label Smoothing"
This blog post describes how and why does "trick" of label smoothing improves the model accuracy and when should we use it
deep-learning classification image-classification computer-vision
Data augmentation recipes in tf.keras image-based models
Learn about different ways of doing data augmentation when training an image classifier in tf.keras.
image-classification deep-learning data-augmentation computer-vision
🖍️ A graphical image annotation tool and label object bounding boxes in images.
annotation labeling image-classification yolo
Scene Classification using Pytorch and
The objective is to classify Multi-label images using deep learning. Here I have used library for implementing the model.
fastai pytorch deep-learning image-classification
An Intuitive Guide to Deep Network Architectures
Intuition behind base network architectures like MobileNets, Inception, and ResNet.
object-detection image-classification transfer-learning computer-vision
Module 2: Convolutional Neural Networks - CS231n
In Lecture 5 we move from fully-connected neural networks to convolutional neural networks.
convolutional-neural-networks cs231n stanford video-games
Optimize your ML models
Learn to use optimize your custom image classification models (built-in tf.keras) using TensorFlow Lite and gain 10x reduction in model's size.
tensorflow tensorflow-lite keras image-classification
GUI-based software for training, evaluating and applying deep neural nets for image classification
image-classification graphical-user-interface computer-vision image-processing
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