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Dropout in PyTorch – An Example
An example of adding Dropout to a PyTorch model, and observe the effect dropout has on the model's performance by tracking our models in Weights & Biases.
dropout pytorch image-classification computer-vision
Image Classification with Keras
Build a pipeline to train an image classifier in Keras and tune hyperparameters to optimize the performance of our classifier.
keras image-classification computer-vision code
Meme Classifier Using TFlite and flutter
Meme classifier using fine tuned mobilenet. This app showcases how you can perform low latency realtime classification apps using TFlite
convolutional-neural-networks transfer-learning tensorflow-lite demo
FrImCla: A framework for image classification
FrImCla is an open-source framework for Image Classification using traditional and deep learning techniques. It supports a wide variety of deep learning ...
image-classification transfer-learning computer-vision paper
ATLASS: AutoML using Transfer and Semi-Supervised Learning
This repository includes the code, application, and notebooks for the work "AutoML using Transfer and Semi-Supervised Learning". The tools presented here ...
image-classification semi-supervised-learning transfer-learning computer-vision
CoreML Model Zoo
Collection of unified and converted pre-trained models.
pretraining model-hub coreml object-detection
NSFW Image Moderation Admin App with ReactJS
A fully-functional NSFW Admin Application for simplified image classification & moderation built with Node.js, TensorFlow.js, and React
open-source adversarial-image-detection image-classification nsfw
NSFW Image Moderation Automation Engine built with TensorFlow.JS
An open-source NSFW Image Classifier including an Automation Engine for fast deletion & moderation built with Node.js, TensorFlow, and Parse Server
open-source tensorflow-js nsfw node-js
Multimodal Meme Classification
UNITER has given state of the art results in various image-text related problems. This project aims at finetuning UNITER to solve Hateful memes challenge
computer-vision natural-language-processing bert attention
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