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Integrated Gradients in TensorFlow 2
In this tutorial, you will walk through an implementation of IG step-by-step in TensorFlow 2 to understand the pixel feature importances of an image ...
interpretability image-classification computer-vision article
Image Classifier: In the Browser
Using Tensorflow.js to make the prediction directly in the browser.
tensorflow-js image-classification computer-vision article
A deep learning based web-app developed using the MERN stack and Tensorflow.js.
computer-vision deep-learning tensorflow tensorflow-js
Automatic Asset Classification
This project aims to automate the task of labelling images of flood defence assets as well as clustering images to find possibly better groupings.
asset-management engineering water flood-defence
2nd Place Solution to Ship Identification Hackathon
The problem statement was to identify the type of ship from photos taken from the survey boats. The hackathon was organized by Analytics Vidhya.
computer-vision image-classification fastai pytorch
Applying Modern Best Practices to Autoencoders
This project applies best modern practices found in other areas of image research to autoencoders. Comparing models from other areas of image research.
autoencoders image-clustering image-classification image-compression
Optimize your ML models
Learn to use optimize your custom image classification models (built-in tf.keras) using TensorFlow Lite and gain 10x reduction in model's size.
tensorflow tensorflow-lite keras image-classification
Face Predicting Web App
Interactive Deep Learning Model that utilizes your computer webcam to predict your age and gender in seconds!
machine-learning deep-learning convolutional-neural-networks flask
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