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Pokedex streamlit app
Web app form of the Pokedex device found in the pokemon cartoon series built and deployed with streamlit
streamlit convolutional-neural-networks deep-learning classification
Essential Pil (Pillow) Image Tutorial (for ML People)
Find out how you can apply Pillow in your Image Processing pipeline with our new article!
image-classification computer-vision machine-learning neptune
Deep Learning Do It Yourself
This site collects resources to learn Deep Learning in the form of Modules.
deep-learning pytorch python code
Using Teachable Machine Image Models in Node.js
Teachable Machine Node empowers you to load any image classification model trained with Google's Teachable Machine tool in a Node.Js project.
teachable-machine machine-learning image-classification open-source
Chitra - an image utility library for Deep Learning
Chitra is an image utility library for Deep Learning tasks. It reduces image data loading and visualization boilerplates for classification and ...
bounding-box image-classification visualization object-detection
React and Django Image Classification Web Application
React and Django Image Classification Web Application using tensorflow used python django as a backend and react as a front end and used Axios to make http ...
image-classification django react tensorflow
OpenMMLab Computer Vision
MMCV is a python library for CV research and supports many research projects such as object detection, segmentation, pose estimation, action ...
computer-vision object-detection 3d 3d-object-detection
Mini-pokedex end to end tutorial - Gotta classify 'em all!
Build a Pokemon image classifier to classify the awesome starters Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.
pokemons image-classification fastai docker
Bingoset - CLI tool to create image dataset.
CLI Toolkit to quickly create an image dataset using Bing Image Search API.
datasets cli dataset-creation image-classification
🐰 Python lib for remo - the app for annotations and images management in Computer Vision.
annotation object-detection image-classification remo
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