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A Python framework for Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), hyperparameter tunning and program synthesis in general.
automl python machine-learning code
Look inside the workings of "Label Smoothing"
This blog post describes how and why does "trick" of label smoothing improves the model accuracy and when should we use it
deep-learning classification image-classification computer-vision
FrImCla: A framework for image classification
FrImCla is an open-source framework for Image Classification using traditional and deep learning techniques. It supports a wide variety of deep learning ...
image-classification transfer-learning computer-vision paper
ATLASS: AutoML using Transfer and Semi-Supervised Learning
This repository includes the code, application, and notebooks for the work "AutoML using Transfer and Semi-Supervised Learning". The tools presented here ...
image-classification semi-supervised-learning transfer-learning computer-vision
Multimodal Meme Classification
UNITER has given state of the art results in various image-text related problems. This project aims at finetuning UNITER to solve Hateful memes challenge
computer-vision natural-language-processing bert attention
DeepClas4Bio is a project that aims to facilitate the interoperability of bioimaging tools with deep learning frameworks.
image-classification interoperability imagej bioimage
GUI-based software for training, evaluating and applying deep neural nets for image classification
image-classification graphical-user-interface computer-vision image-processing
Comprehensive analysis of important metrics in ML
In this work, the authors present a comprehensive analysis of important metrics in practical applications.
deep-learning metrics image-classification computer-vision
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