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Image Similarity Search in PyTorch
Simple Convolutional Auto-encoder based image similarity search to find similar images to given image or features. Fully written in PyTorch.
image-similarity-search pytorch autoencoders computer-vision
A Barebones Image Retrieval System
This project presents a simple framework to retrieve images similar to a query image.
computer-vision few-shot-learning representation-learning tensorflow
Implementing Content-Based Image Retrieval with Siamese Networks
With content-based image retrieval, we refer to the task of finding images containing attributes which are not in the image metadata, but in its visual ...
image-similarity-search image-retrieval siamese-networks pytorch
Towards representation learning for an image retrieval task
This project explains self-supervised and regularized supervised image retrieval with the help of the latent space of an autoencoder.
autoencoders image-retrieval tensorflow wandb
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