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Image synthesis at CVPR 2020
An overview of the different approaches to image synthesis at CVPR 2020.
image-generation image-synthesis cvpr-2020 survey
GANSpace: Discovering Interpretable GAN Controls
This paper describes a simple technique to analyze Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and create interpretable controls for image synthesis.
generative-adversarial-networks image-generation interpretability interpretable-gans
BachGAN: High-Res Image Synthesis from Salient Object Layout
We propose a new task towards more practical application for image generation - high-quality image synthesis from salient object layout.
generative-adversarial-networks salient-object-layout image-generation image-synthesis
Controllable Person Image Synthesis with Attribute-Decomposed GAN
A novel generative model for controllable person image synthesis, which can produce realistic person images with desired human attributes.
generative-adversarial-networks image-synthesis computer-vision pose
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