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A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning
In machine learning, computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data.
decision-trees random-forests r2d3 decision-tree
CNN Explainer
CNN Explainer uses TensorFlow.js, an in-browser GPU-accelerated deep learning library to load the pretrained model for visualization.
convolutional-neural-networks tensorflow-js interactive interpretability
VAE Explorer
A tool that can be used to explore pre-trained tensorflow VAE models and interpolate between data points. Trained on MNIST and Fashion-MNIST.
variational-autoencoders autoencoders tensorflow-js interactive
Deep Playground
Tinker With a Neural Network Right Here in Your Browser.
interactive playground tensorflow neural-networks
An Interactive, Visual Experimentation Tool for Generative Adversarial Networks
interactive generative-adversarial-networks neural-networks code
Paint with Machine Learning
This web app allows you to create a landscape painting in the style of Bob Ross using a deep learning model served using a Spell model server.
generative-adversarial-networks image-to-image-translation image-classification pytorch
Toolkit to help visualize - what lies in word embeddings.
embeddings visualization interactive library
Dash DETR Detection App
A User Interface for DETR built with Dash. 100% Python.
detr object-detection end-to-end dash
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