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Interpretability and Analysis of Models for NLP
An in-depth look at interpretability and analysis of models for NLP (ACL 2020).
interpretability natural-language-processing acl-2020 article
BERTology Meets Biology
Interpreting Attention in Protein Language Models.
bert healthcare biology health
CNN Explainer
CNN Explainer uses TensorFlow.js, an in-browser GPU-accelerated deep learning library to load the pretrained model for visualization.
convolutional-neural-networks tensorflow-js interactive interpretability
GANSpace: Discovering Interpretable GAN Controls
This paper describes a simple technique to analyze Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and create interpretable controls for image synthesis.
generative-adversarial-networks image-generation interpretability interpretable-gans
Machine Learning Toolbox
A curated list of 100+ libraries for all parts of the Machine Learning workflow
exploratory-data-analysis annotation visualization interpretability
Neural-Backed Decision Trees
Combine interpretability of a decision tree with accuracy of a neural network.
decision-trees neural-networks deep-learning interpretability
Interpretable Machine Learning
Extracting human understandable insights from any Machine Learning model.
interpretability ermutation-importance partial-dependence-plots shap-values
Path Explain
A toolkit for explaining feature attributions and feature interactions in deep neural networks.
interpretability integrated-gradients expected-gradients path-explain
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