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Interactive Machine Learning Experiments
🤖 Interactive Machine Learning experiments: 🏋️models training + 🎨models demo
machine-learning artificial-general-intelligence python javascript
Reinforcement Learning Tic Tac Toe with Value Function
A reinforcement learning algorithm for agents to learn the tic-tac-toe, using the value function
machine-learning reinforcement-learning javascript tutorial
Phrases extraction and D3 Wordcloud
100% JavaScript solution to extracting phrases from text and display key points in a beautiful D3 wordcloud.
natural-language-processing javascript machine-learning tutorial
Time Series Forecasting with TensorFlow.js
Machine learning is becoming increasingly popular these days and a growing number of the world’s population see it is as a magic crystal ball: predicting ...
machine-learning javascript tensorflow-js time-series-forecasting
A JavaScript library for identifying indecent content in JavaScript on the client.
tensorflow tensorflow-js javascript machine-learning
The most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
bootstrap front-end-design html css
Flask Mega-Tutorial series
A comprehensive tutorial on Flask to create a complete app.
flask full-stack sql sqlalchemy
Supermarket System
A web application for supermarket to manage all details.
web-design html css javascript
Tic Tac Toe - Trainable AI
Teach a website TicTacToe by playing games and asking the neural network to learn from previous games. You can watch it learn.
tensorflow-js tensorflow machine-learning javascript
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