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Beginner’s Guide to KNN with cuML
What is K-Nearest Neighbors? And how to implement it in Python with RAPIDS cuML.
data-science k-nearest-neighbors rapids gpu
Non-Metric Space Library (NMSLIB)
An efficient similarity search library and a toolkit for evaluation of k-NN methods for generic non-metric spaces.
similarity-search embeddings k-nearest-neighbors library
Core Machine Learning Implementations
This repo contains mathematical derivations and python implementations in numpy for key machine learning algorithms
linear-regression logistic-regression neural-networks k-nearest-neighbors
Examples for all the different utilities within scikit-learn.
scikit-learn naive-bayes linear-regression logistic-regression
Cancer Diagnosis using ML Techniques
In this project we will be discussing how to predict the effect of Genetic Variants to enable Personalized Medicine for various types of cancer using ML ...
machine-learning cancer support-vector-machines logistic-regression
Breast cancer detection
By Using KNN algorithm the model achieved 98% accuracy on testing data.
k-nearest-neighbors machine-learning exploratory-data-analysis code
RecommendMe Developed a recommendation engine for the posts Two methods used:- 1) content-based Filtering 2) Collaberative-based Filtering
recommendation-systems k-nearest-neighbors tutorial code
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