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Chai Time Data Science
Interviews with popular data science individuals.
podcast machine-learning data-science kaggle
Kaggle Datasets
Find and use datasets or complete tasks.
datasets kaggle library
Building a Captcha OCR in TF2.0
A Kaggle notebook showcasing the use of an Endpoint layer for CTC loss function used for building a Captcha Reader in TensorFlow.
optical-character-recognition captcha tensorflow keras
Getting Started with Time Series analysis using Pandas
An introductory guide to get started with the Time Series datasets in Python
time-series pandas kaggle tutorial
Overriding train/test steps for custom training in TF2.2
Custom training loops in tf.keras can't make use of things like callbacks,etc. by default and you have to write one for yourself. How to overcome it?
tensorflow custom-training-loops unet bone-drr
Author Identification using Doc2Vec
Web app of an author identification model trained on PAN 2012 dataset and Kaggle's Spooky Authorship Dataset
author-identification kaggle doc2vec code
Identifying the Number of Open Ion Channels with HMMs
A write-up on how we almost won the “University of Liverpool — Ion Switching” Kaggle competition using Hidden Markov Models.
hidden-markov-models biology ion-channels kaggle
Fahr: a POC CLI for building machine learning models on the cloud
Fahr is a command-line tool for building machine learning models on cloud hardware with as little overhead as possible.
aws training kaggle api
Normalising a distribution
A Kaggle kernel/Jupyter Notebook illustrating a number of methods (including experimental ones), on how to normalise a distribution in `Python`.
distribution normalisation data-science transformation
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