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Graph Representation Learning Book
Introduction to graph representation learning, including methods for embedding graph data, graph neural networks, and deep generative models of graphs.
graph-representation-learning graph-neural-networks knowledge-graphs book
Agents that build knowledge graphs and explore textual worlds by asking questions.
bert transformers knowledge-graphs question-generation
Low-Dimensional Hyperbolic Knowledge Graph Embeddings
Low-dimensional knowledge graph embeddings that simultaneously capture hierarchical relations and logical patterns.
knowledge-graphs graph-embedding graph-neural-networks acl-2020
Message Passing Query Embedding
MPQE is a model for answering complex queries over knowledge graphs, that learns embeddings of entities in the knowledge graph, & embeddings for variable ...
graph-neural-networks graph-convolutional-networks knowledge-graphs mpqe
Awesome Graph Classification
A collection of important graph embedding, classification and representation learning papers with implementations.
graph-convolutional-networks graph-classification knowledge-graphs deep-learning
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