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Otto makes machine learning an intuitive, natural language experience.
automl assistant code neural-networks
An ergonomic machine learning API designed for non-technical users.
automl libra machine-learning code
DeepR — Training TensorFlow Models for Production
DeepR is a Python library to build complex pipelines as easily as possible on top of Tensorflow.
production tensorflow pipelines mlflow
A Python package for time series augmentation.
time-series data-augmentation tsaug code
Deep neural network to extract intelligent information from PDF invoice documents.
optical-character-recognition text-extraction computer-vision library
Scikit-survival is a Python module for survival analysis built on top of scikit-learn.
survival-analysis machine-learning python scikit-learn
Flexible and powerful tensor operations for readable and reliable code. Supports numpy, pytorch, tensorflow, and others.
einops numpy pytorch tensorflow
Hyperparameter Optimization for AllenNLP Using Optuna
🚀 A demonstration of hyperparameter optimization using Optuna for models implemented with AllenNLP.
hyperparameter-optimization optuna allennlp allenai
Fast Sentence Embeddings (fse)
Fast Sentence Embeddings is a Python library that serves as an addition to Gensim.
embeddings sentence-embeddings gensim fse
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