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A 🤗 transformers-style implementation of BERT using LambdaNetworks instead of self-attention.
transformers bert lambdanetworks self-attention
A tool that writes tricky TensorFlow expressions for you.
tensorflow tf-coder expressions library
Getting started with TorchServe + Management Dashboard
Learn Torchserve with examples + Introducing the management dashboard
model-serving torchserve pytorch streamlit
The PyTorch-based audio source separation toolkit for researchers || Pretrained models available.
speech-separation pytorch pretraining speech
The Awesome Teachable Machine List
Useful resources for creating projects with Teachable Machine models + curated list of already built Awesome Apps!
teachable-machine machine-learning awesome-list open-source
Using Teachable Machine Image Models in Node.js
Teachable Machine Node empowers you to load any image classification model trained with Google's Teachable Machine tool in a Node.Js project.
teachable-machine machine-learning image-classification open-source
Chitra - an image utility library for Deep Learning
Chitra is an image utility library for Deep Learning tasks. It reduces image data loading and visualization boilerplates for classification and ...
bounding-box image-classification visualization object-detection
Image Dataset Tool (IDT)
Image Dataset Tool (idt) is a cli tool designed to make the otherwise repetitive and slow task of creating image datasets into a fast and intuitive ...
datasets cli dataset-creation code
Collection of models and extensions for mobile deployment in PyTorch, built on top of TorchVision and HuggingFace's Transformers.
mobile pytorch torchscript onnx
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